Dr. Aliza Bloch - Mayor

Party Affiliation: Ayin

Mobile: 050-682-3502

Portfolios;  Supervisor of Engineering and Education & Manpower committees

Chair: of the Board of Directors of the Economic Corporation.

Address Hanurit 22 B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Eli  Peretz- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Ayin

Mobile; 050-524-1060

Portfolios: Head of Emergency and Security  

Board of Directors - Chair: Emergency, Advancement of the Children, Naming, Tenders Committees,  Member Environmental, Fighting  Drug Addiction, Subsidies Subcommittee.

Address: Harakefet 43 B.S.

Email:  [email protected]

Shalom Edri - City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Machal

Mobilee; 052-959-9954                                 

Portfolios: Head of Committee against Violence, Board of Directors, Member for Deletion of Debts, Arnona Discount, Manpower, Advancement of the Children,  Naming  Committees,  Subcommittee for Allotments, Board of Directors Economic Company, Mei Shemesh.

Address:  Revital 1 B.S

Email; [email protected]

Avraham Nachman Frankel - City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile: 053-315-5610

Portfolios: Chair: for Development of Construction and Public Buildings in the Economic Corporation,  Member of  Board of  Directors, Debt Cancellation,  Arnona  Discount,  Manpower, Business, Signage Committees,  Board of Directors  Economic Company.

Address: Nachal Hayarden 19  R.B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Moshe Shitrit – Deputy Mayor

Party Affiliation: Machal

Mobile: 052-618-2288

Portfolios: Responsible for Sports and Cultural events, Science and Technology, Youth Promotion, Anti-Drug  Authority, Youth Movement, Brand strategy of the City, Member of Management, Chair:  for Road Safety, Combating Drugs, Elimination of Violence, Business Licensing, Signage Committees.

Address; Hagas 5 B.S.

Email; [email protected]

Zvi   Wolicki- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Machal

Mobile: 052-350-3589                                

Portfolios: Director of the International Relations and Communities - Tourism  Environment Committee - Member Board of Directors, Chair: Environmental Committee. Member of the Subsidies Subcommittee, Preservation of Sites, Tender Committees, Municipality representative Drainage Authority.

Address; Reuven 59 B.S.

Email; [email protected]

Aschlao Mola- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Machal

Mobile; 054-663-2057

Portfolios: Head Immigration and Absorption Committee Member Committee for the Commemoration of Victims of Terror, Welfare, Health Committees.

Address: Ben Eliezer 18 B.S. 

Email: [email protected]

Shmuel Greenberg- City Council Member

Party Affiliation; Gimel

Mobile: 052-713-3555

Portfolios: Assistant to Mayor, City Improvement, Transportation, City Inspectors, and Parking authority - Member of City Management, Chair:Traffic, Road, Emergency and Security, Preservation of Sites , Naming. Committees Board of Directors Community Centers.

Address: Nachal Alexander 7/1 R.B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Yishayhu Eherenreich –Deputy Mayor (Rotation)

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile: 052-713-0990

Portfolios: Deputy Director of Education, Member of Management,  Road Safety, Committee, Education, Naming, Health Committees, Chair of the Water Corporation.

Address: Lev Simcha 6 B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Chaim Yehuda Zmura- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Gimel


Portfolios: Member Committee for Commemorations of Terror Victims, Member Committee for the eradication of Violence, Member Subcommittee for Support, Member Committee for the Advancement of the Child, Member Welfare Committee.

Address; Nachal Lachish 3 B.S.


Shimon Goldberg - Deputy Mayor (Rotation)

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile; 050-415-0844    

Portfolios: Deputy in charge of Engineering - Member of Management Committee Chair Sub-Committee for Planning and Construction, Preservation of Sites Committees. 

Address; Ben Kisma 15 B.S.

Email; [email protected]

Yisrael  Silverstein- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile; 058-763-8093

Portfolios: Child Care, Chair Deletion of Debts, Discounts, Health Committees, Member Finance, Immigration and Absorption, Signage Committees

Address: Nachal Sorek 36 R.B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Yishayahu  Weisman-City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile: 054-716-6553

Portfolios: Member Finance Committee, Chair: Sub-Committee for Appropriations, Elimination of Violence, Tenders Committees

Address: Nahar  Hayrden 10 B.S.

Email: [email protected]

Shlomo Brillant - City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Gimel

Mobile: 052-702-2340

Portfolios: Member Degel  Hatorah Administration, Management Education, License Business, Subcommittee for Allotments, Tenders Committees. 

Address Nachum Hanavi 4 R.B.S

Email [email protected] [email protected]

Rina Hollander –Deputy Mayor

Party Afilliation: Tov

Mobile: 050-491-4375

Portfolios:  Head of the Welfare and Social Services Committee, Advancement of the Status of  Women, Director of Libraries - Member  Board of Directors, Chair:  Commemoration of Terror Victims, Finance, Welfare, Immigration and Absorption , Tenders Committees.

Address: Nachal Dolev 15 R.B.S.

Email; [email protected] 

Nisim Bariach – City Council Member

Party Afilliation: Tov

Mobile;  050-899-7663                                                

Portfolios Coordinator of the Israel Heritage and Torah Culture, Municipal Hotline & Service, City Libraries,  Ultra-Orthodox Youth Movement, Member  Board  Emergency and Security,  Manpower, Elimination of Violence Committees, Subsidies, Subcommittee.

Address; Har Givonim 11 B.S.

Email; [email protected]

Yisrael Mendelson- City Council Member

Party Afilliation:  Tov

Mobile : 052-770-7158

Portfolios: Member Board of Directors, Environment, Deletion of Debts, Arnona  Discount, Education, Subcommittee for Planning and Construction, Traffic,  Subcommittee for Allocations Committees.

Address; Habakuk Hanavi  45 R.B.S.

Email; [email protected]

Yisrael Ramati- City Council Member (Opposition)

Party Affiliation: Shas


Portfolios: Chair: Audit, Member Environment, Road Safety, Deletion of Debts, Arnona Discounts, Planning and Building Subcommittee, Movement Committees.

Address;Chagi Hanavi 11  R.B.S/

Email;[email protected]

Yigal Hadad-City Council Member(Opposition)

Party Affiliation: Shas

Mobile; 054-401-7209

Portfolios: Member Board of Directors Economic Corporation, Manpower, Finance, Subsidies Subcommittees, Audit,, Naming  Committees.

Address; Rival 41 R.B.S.

Email;[email protected]       

Itzik Elmaliach - City Council Member (Opposition)

Party Affiliation; Shas

Mobile; 052-766-5802

Portfolios: Member Education, Fighting Drug Abuse, Violence, Melach, Advancement of Children, Subcommittee for Budgeting, Tender, Audit Committees.

Address;Yoel Hanavi 6   R.B.S.

Email;[email protected]

Malachi Ki Tov- City Council Member

Party Affiliation: Etz

Mobile; 052-762-2297

Portfolios: Assistant to Mayor, Chair: Chen Haredi, Member of Management,

Chair: Subcommittee for Support, Member Finance,  Naming, ,Subcommittee for Allotments, Tenders ,Planning and Building Committees.

Address; Nachal  Revivim 2 R.B.S.

Email; [email protected]